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Village of Tarrytown

One Depot Plaza, Tarrytown, NY, 10591, US



Community Bulletin Board Application / Welcome to Tarrytown Sign (Banner)


  1. No more than one banner/sign per space, and no more than two spaces per applicant.
  2. Maximum Time Period - Two Weeks
  3. Preference for Use of Bulletin Board shall be as follows
    1. Village of Tarrytown Notices
    2. Organizations in the Village of Tarrytown
    3. Organizations in the Village of Sleepy Hollow
    4. Organizations outside the Villages of Tarrytown or Sleepy Hollow
  4. Your banners/signs must be hung up within 24 hours of the approved date receiving the approved application and removed on the last day that such banner is approved.
  5. Banner size requirements (no larger than)
    1. McKeel - 40 inches x 40 inches
    2. 119/Jug Handle - 12 ft x 3 ft
  6. Banners/signs must be made from material suitable for outdoor use and attached to the supplied hardware using a soft cord or rope
  7. No banner may be mechanically fastened to the frame of the bulletin board
  8. Maintaining the banners/signs during the approved period is the applicant's responsibility. Banners/signs that are not maintained will be removed from the Bulletin board.

Any violation of the rules noted shall cause applicant's banners/signs to be removed from the community bulletin board(s) and may be sufficient reason to disapprove a future request for the use of the community bulletin board.

Any questions should be directed to the Village Administrator's office at 914-631-1785.

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